Buz’s Pit Guide: Wood Pellet Pits

by Gillan Ritchie

Like the smokers, wood pellet pits are coming into the BBQ scene strong. These guys are the whole package – easy to use and easy cleanup. What more could you ask for?


There are no fillers or additives in the pellets – we can’t stress how important this is when you’re cooking. Without fillers or additives, the pellets can combust completely and they burn clean — meaning no odd or funky smoke flavor in your food.

It’s hard to over-smoke anything in a wood pellet pit. The pellets self-feed which allows greater control when maintaining heat inside the chamber.

These pits are GREAT for cold smoking or for people who don’t like a lot of overpowering, overly-smoky food. It’s even a great way for amateur smokers to smoke a great meal.


Wood pellet pit smokers provide indirect heat, just like the smokers.  The hotter the pellets get, the less smoke is produced. So if you’re looking for something that will give you a fantastic pink smoke ring, then chances are this pit is not for you.

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