Buz’s Pit Guide: Pits with Offset Fireboxes and Vertical Smoking Chambers

by Gillan Ritchie

These pits are very similar to horizontal smoking chambers.  If you aren’t familiar with either type of pit, refer back to last week’s blog on pits with offset fireboxes and horizontal smoking chambers.


The advantages are very similar here, but vertical smokers allow you to stack shelf after shelf, maximizing your space within the cooking chamber considerably. Talk about increasing space to cook, huh?

Another great advantage to a vertical smoking chamber, is that some have shelves that rotate.    That way, every shelf gets the same amount of exposure to smoke without over-smoking any of the food.


Again, be aware of the weather. Hot temperatures outside can affect your cooking and so can cold weather.  Keep in mind that rain and snow will have the worst effects on your offset smoker.

You need to spend a lot of time perfecting the amount of wood chunks or chips to maintain the same heat. This type of smoker is not a “start it and forget about it” kind.

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