Buz’s Pit Guide: Pits with Offset Fireboxes and Horizontal Smoking Chambers

by Gillan Ritchie

Pits with offset fireboxes are also known as offset smokers or “barrel” smokers.  The nickname “barrel,” comes from its shape.

These puppies have two beer can-shaped chambers; the larger chamber is the cooking chamber and the smaller chamber is the firebox.

The are two ways to use this popular smoker.  If you are interested in slow cooking food, place the charcoal in the firebox and the food, like ribs or brisket, into the cooking chamber. If you are trying to cook something quick and easy, the charcoal can be placed underneath the rack in the cooking chamber. Some people cook steaks this way.

Don’t go for the cheaper brands though, it will only cause frustration, heartache and possibly ruin your food.

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